Managed IT

Benefits of using managed IT

We’d generally recommend that SMEs outsource their IT to a managed service provider such as Allware rather than keep it in house.

Outsourcing is generally a much more cost-effective option than trying to manage your IT in house. Outsourcing will typically cost much less than the equivalent full-time salary for an appropriately qualified employee.

Additionally, if you outsource you get the benefit of a team of people working on your behalf, not just one or two employees. You benefit from more resource than you’d have access to in an internal IT team, as well as a broader range of expertise. The phone is always answered and there’s a much higher chance that someone’s problem will be solved in the first call. Problems are solved more quickly. Things generally run more smoothly. There’s less stress, less worry and someone else takes care of all of the admin and hassle for you.

Some of the other benefits of having your IT solutions outsourced are as follows:-

These are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your IT services. Talk to us about your requirements and we will tailor a solution that is perfect for you.

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