Why you should outsource your IT support, particularly now that more people are working from home

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Why you should outsource your IT support, particularly now that more people are working from home

24 November 2021

One of the lasting effects of the pandemic looks likely to be a switch to working from home that, for some organisations and employees at least, is likely to be…
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What is data democratisation and how might it benefit your organisation?

30 October 2021

You may well have come across the term ‘data democratisation’ recently but, as a relatively new concept, perhaps you’re unsure what it means in practice and whether it might…
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You can claim tax relief of 130% on the purchase of IT hardware until 31 March 2023

20 September 2021

If you’re considering upgrading your IT hardware and equipment then now is a good time to do it as any qualifying purchases made for two years from 1 April…
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Your digital workspace – software solutions for SMEs

1 September 2021

Here are some of the typical solutions we currently offer SMEs on their digital transformation journey:Business Workflow SystemsWe are experts in translating business workflows into cost-effective, easy…
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Using the right (digital) tools for the job

6 August 2021

The importance of having an efficient digital workplaceAlthough it might be nice to reflect back on the more sedate pace of the business world of 30 years ago, before…
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What are ransomware attacks and how can you avoid them?

2 August 2021

What is ransomware?In a ransomware attack, cybercriminals use malware in order to prevent you from being able to access the data on your organisation’s network or devices. Once…
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The top 5 password security protocols to protect your organisation

22 June 2021

Building a culture of security awareness in your organisation is vital. As I wrote about last month, there are numerous different ways in which organisations are vulnerable to hacking and…
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What are the most common IT security risks in organisations and what can you do to avoid them?

24 May 2021

IT security is one of the things that clients most often ask us about, so I thought I would put together a blog that outlines the main sources of risk…
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Everything you need to know about the Hafnium exploit

22 April 2021

What is the Hafnium exploit?The Hafnium exploit is a Microsoft Exchange Server cyber attack and email hack, originally discovered in December 2020 but not made public until January 2021…
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Why is IT support often so expensive?

23 March 2021

Recently we started working with a new client who had moved to us from one of our competitors. As part of the on-boarding process, we were given exposure to…
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