Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise – how should your organisation respond?

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Ransomware and phishing attacks are on the rise – how should your organisation respond?

25 July 2023

I’ve written about many different aspects of IT security on this blog before. One of the most insidious risks to the security of your IT systems is ransomware attacks…
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Is your website handling cookie consent correctly?

16 June 2023

It’s five years now since GDPR came into force but many organisations are still struggling to ensure that their websites are compliant. In particular, there’s a lack of…
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Google’s Universal Analytics product is disappearing at the end of June – you need to upgrade to Google Analytics 4

9 May 2023

If you're using Google Analytics to track the performance of your website then you will probably be aware that Google is discontinuing its Universal Analytics product at the end…
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The future of phone systems: everything you need to know about switching to VoIP

11 April 2023

Phone systems have been an essential part of businesses for 150 years, allowing them to receive and make calls to customers and clients. However, the traditional phone system, which relies…
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Is your website working effectively? A checklist of things to consider

23 March 2023

If you’re taking over a website that you didn’t build, or it’s been a while since you’ve done a review of your own website, then it…
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What’s the difference between good IT support and bad IT support?

28 February 2023

Effective IT support is an essential service for most businesses. Without proper IT support, your company will face a whole range of problems including system failures, security risks, and other…
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How the key tech trends of 2023 will impact upon small businesses

4 January 2023

As I did last year, I’d like to kick off the new year by thinking about the tech trends that are likely to be most relevant to small businesses…
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Disadvantages of in-house IT – why you’re almost always better off outsourcing your IT

20 December 2022

A regular dilemma faced by business owners is whether to outsource their IT requirements or maintain an in-house IT function. Effective managing and running of an organisation’s IT…
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How to prevent phishing

9 November 2022

Phishing attacks are becoming more and more prevalent, particularly since the pandemic lockdowns. Scammers have taken advantage of the fact that more people are working and shopping online to develop…
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What you need to know about the switch to VoIP

18 October 2022

One of the biggest concerns our customers have at the moment apart from the plethora of security concerns and scaremongering taking place in the world, is the news that BT…
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